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Hey, John. Hey, Ray. It’s just a kickball game.

032713Feature_KickballDr. John Lepri, chair of Faculty Senate, and Ray Carney, co-chair of Staff Senate, may not agree on who’s going to win the kickball game.

But here’s what’s certain: The Faculty vs. Staff Kickball game will generate fun. And lots of donations to the Guilford County Animal Shelter. All faculty and staff are invited – it should be a great time.

The UNCG Faculty vs. Staff Kickball game will be Thursday, April 4, 6 p.m., at UNCG’s Baseball Stadium on campus. (Yes, the location has changed to the Baseball Stadium.) Gates open at 5 p.m.

It appears John Lepri will be a player/manager for the Faculty team. He may enlist “an elder statesman” among the faculty to take on the managing, he says.

Have they practiced? “We don’t have to,” he said. He noted that students will serve as the umpires and referees and that grades have not been turned in. He was kidding, we’re pretty sure.

Actually it’ll be against the rules to kick it too far, Lepri explains. And you can’t throw the ball at a runner – you have to simply tag them. It’ll be fun and relaxing. “It’s a wonderful occasion to bring people together – and to help support the animal shelter,” Lepri said.

“May the most crafty team win,” he said. “With the help of the students.” Maybe he wasn’t kidding.

Ray Carney and the Staff team have been serious. The team’s managers, Stacy Kosciak and Jeff Trivette, were chosen months ago. The staff has 47 members signed up to participate.

They are scheduled to have a practice today (March 27) at 5:15 p.m. on the North Field, beside the UNCG Soccer Stadium.

How many staff are signed up to participate in some way? A total of 96 will participate as either athletes, cheer squad or volunteers, says Carney.

Some things to know:

  • Admission is free. “Bring your loudest voice to cheer on your favorite team,” says Carney.
  • Refreshments, including hot dogs, soft drinks, water and popcorn, will be available at no charge.
  • Where should people assemble? Participants should check in at the T-shirt table just behind the Baseball Stadium Press Box. Athletes should arrive in time to warm up and get organized for the 6 p.m. start.
  • Free parking will be available at the nearby Walker Deck.
  • Help “Fill the Truck” for the Guilford County Animal Shelter – bring an item (or more) to donate. (See CW story for a list of needed items.)

“This match-up will be a great event and we hope to make it fun for everyone,” Carney said.

When told of Lepri’s comments about the Faculty team winning, Carney added, “Welllll all I have to say is, ‘We don’t need crafty, we just gonna win.’”

Faculty are hoping a few more will sign up – or a lot more. Faculty may sign up here: https://docs.google.com/a/uncg.edu/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFk0SkwxV3NPbi0tYzNCR0s0bEdnbUE6MQ

See the great promotional video by Sean Farrell at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t52LROeDwHc


By Mike Harris

Photo of Ray Carney and John Lepri by Sean Farrell