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Volunteer to be trained responder at UNCG

Spartans Act – faculty/staff who volunteer to be trained responders – was created a year ago. There are now nearly 40 members. Jason Marshburn, director of the UNCG Office of Emergency Management, would like to see that number grow. He provides this message for faculty and staff:

When disasters strike, communities rely on trained responders to help provide care and assistance. UNCG is no different. Many people work together to ensure the safety of the campus and provide assistance during times of crisis.

As a faculty or staff member, you have the opportunity to be a part of the trained responders who help make a difference in someone’s life during times of need. Through the Spartans Act Program, faculty and staff are able to serve in a variety of roles such as working in a family assistance center, answering questions about the disaster in the emergency call center.

This program was developed with the goal of engaging the talents and expertise of faculty and staff across campus to help their own community during times of disaster or crisis. Each member serves strictly as a volunteer, but is afforded the opportunity to take an active role in helping the university respond and recover from crisis situations. No previous experience is required, and all necessary training and supplies are provided at no cost. While this program is designed to help the UNCG community, volunteers may also have an opportunity to help communities beyond UNCG.

To learn more about how to become a part of the Spartans Act Program, you can visit Office of Emergency Management’s web site: http://emg.uncg.edu/AboutUs/SpartansAct.php or contact us at BeReady@uncg.edu. To register, simply complete the online interest form found here: http://emg.uncg.edu/AboutUs/SpartansActForm.php.