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Faculty vs. Staff Kickball moved to April 24

A kickball game in 40-something-degree, rainy weather did not sound like a great idea. That’s the forecast for Thursday night.

A much better idea? Let’s hold the big game on a warm, dry evening in late April, when the sun sets a little later.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013, is the new date for the UNCG Faculty vs. Staff kickball game.

Ray Carney, Staff Senate co-chair, said, “The weather is expected to possibly move in around game time (if it had been held this week) – and even if it does not rain it will be cold. So we feel it best to move it to the 24th of April at the Baseball Stadium. 6 p.m. game time.” He joking added, “Besides, it will give the faculty more time to practice…”