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Improved Emergency Notification System for UNCG

This spring, UNCG is testing an improved emergency notification system for students, faculty and staff.

Blackboard Connect will be the new system. It will enhance the university’s ability to send text alerts. And it will tie together different communication components – social media, email, texts, etc. – in a more seamless way, for greater efficiency and speed.

This semester during the test period, you will continue to get the same types of emergency-communication messages you have gotten before, says Jason Marshburn, director of the Office of Emergency Management. For example, if you have been registered to receive emergency notifications via text message and email, you will continue to receive them that way. You will likely not notice anything different – except for one thing:

When this system goes “live” – likely the week of April 15 – every person who is already signed up for text message notifications – or is signing up for the first time – will receive one automatically generated text message. It will begin, “UNCG Alert: You are subscribed to receive text alerts….” This message will give you an option to unsubscribe. Do not unsubscribe, if you wish to receive alerts in the future. This one “introductory” text message will not be repeated. You may simply consider it a confirmation.

You will not receive an “introductory” email – just this one text message (that is, if you are registered to receive text messages).

If you are already signed up for the emergency notifications, you do not have to make any changes – unless you need to update your information or settings at any point.

The new system will be promoted to incoming students and their families at SOAR this summer. Starting next semester, students will be able to sign up their family members so that they see the same emergency communication messages at the same time that students will.

Currently, a different list is used for family members, says Marshburn. Starting Fall 2013, both student and other family members can be on the same contact list and can receive all the same messages at the same time, if the student chooses.

Students, faculty and staff will be able to sign up (or revise their notification settings) at their MyConnect portal at Blackboard. Additionally, there will be the occasional reminder at Genie, for those who would like to update their settings for notifications or their information.

The ways you may elect to receive emergency notification messages range from email, RSS feed and text messages to Facebook and Twitter messages. Pop-ups on your desktop computer screen are an option too.

Related information and contact information may be found at the UNCG Emergency Management web page and the Spartan Alert – Emergency Information web page. Or contact the Office of Emergency Management at 256-8632 or BeReady@uncg.edu.