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March 26 Campus Master Plan forum

040313Feature_LeeStThe two big questions up for discussion at last week’s afternoon forum on the UNCG Campus Master Plan were:

  • the future of the Lee Street Corridor as it passes the new southern part of campus
  • the favorite elements of the current UNCG landscape to take to that new part of campus.

The landscape, the intimate small spaces and the quality of the current campus were referenced. How and to what extent will we take those characteristics as we move to Lee Street?

On Lee Street, “You don’t have a sense you’re on campus, at the moment,” said Hope Stege, a presenter from Sasaki Associates. Reference was made to the collaboration between UNCG and the City of Greensboro that made Spring Garden feel that it was a part of campus – and to help with pedestrian usage.

There are opportunities for a mixed-use component, to contribute to the city, and to have a sense of campus, the presenters explained.

A meeting was scheduled for later in the week with the City, it was noted, to talk and learn about the Lee Street Corridor.

Susaki and Associates helped with the last campus master plan update in 2007; they are assisting this year as well. After two representatives made a presentation, the floor was opened to ideas and questions. Several members of UNCG administration, including Jorge Quintal and Michael Byers, were on hand to give context, hear ideas and address questions.

The first to speak from the floor was a student: SGA president Chelsea Boccardo. She likes the streetscaping of Spring Garden. “It’s special, the change in the environment.” As a prospective student, that streetscaping attracted her to UNCG. Also, she called attention to the flower that has long been associated with UNCG. “I’d love more daisies on campus.” Also, she advocated for streetlights for the new part of campus that “look nice and that are bright enough.”

Should the area south of Lee Street be more eclectic and mixed-use – not necessarily feel and look like the other part of campus? This is a question Michael Byers (Office of Business Affairs – Campus Enterprises) posed, as he invited Glenwood residents at the forum to speak.

Several residents did speak – with questions about the size of the proposed recreation center, the potential site of playing fields, pocket parks or open spaces, the source of funding for the buildings, whether a small business or a student co-op might run the small grocery, how to ensure safety.

One UNCG staff member asked about the use of blue and gold, where appropriate. In reference to planning for the current campus area, another person asked about potential long-range plans for the current site of Yum Yum.

A few pieces of information from the presentation:

  • A top capital improvement priority for our campus remains replacing the current McIver Building.
  • A new transit hub for multiple forms of transportation may be located on Lee Street at the new pedestrian underpass.
  • Parking occupancy and the demand for parking permits have declined over the past five years, indicating a shift to alternative modes of transportation to campus.
  • Our campus is very walkable. Currently, the majority of the campus is within a five minute walk of Jackson Library.
  • UNCG’s expansion plans will be concentrated on the Lee Street Corridor, Byers noted.

Another forum was held later that evening.

The next public forum for the planning process is expected to be in April or May.

A web site has been created for the process of UNCG Campus Master Planning. At the site, you will see the presentation slides shown at the forum (click “work to date”), a schedule, a place to provide feedback and more. Access it at http://projects.sasaki.com/uncg/

Starting Thursday, April 4, an interactive survey will be posted at http://projects.sasaki.com/uncg/my-campus/. The survey as well as written suggestions/feedback and the forums offer ways to share your thoughts and perspective.

Questions? Contact Jorge Quintal, associate vice chancellor for facilities, at j_quinta@uncg.edu

By Mike Harris
Rendering visual: a potential view of Spartan Village, from archives