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New Spartan Directions is UNCG’s source for driving/walking instructions

040313Feature_SpartanDirectionsSomeone needs directions to your building? Perhaps it’s just one person – or for a big conference?

Spartan Directions is your new source for UNCG campus access information. Use this tool for driving directions to campus, recommended parking areas and walking paths to each building.

All university web pages referencing directions to campus should be updated in order to utilize or link directly to Spartan Directions

To find out how to create a link for the building where your program resides or where your event will be held, visit http://parking.uncg.edu/access/genLink.html and follow the simple instructions.

Spartan Directions not only provides quick driving and walking instructions to all UNCG campus buildings, it also recommends optimal parking locations.

“Driving directions have been strategically selected to balance the shortest, most direct routes with the more scenic views of Greensboro,” according to Scott Millman, Campus Enterprises director of Auxiliary Services.

Unlike GPS way-finding tools, Spartan Directions recommended travel paths were determined by Executive Staff, Undergraduate Admissions and other university personnel – not generated by an algorithm beyond UNCG’s control.

Scott Millman; Robert Walker, director of the SpartanCard Center; and Suzanne Williams, associate director of Campus Access Management, presented Spartan Directions to Chancellor Linda P. Brady and Executive Staff earlier this semester. It was endorsed as a one-stop source for

  • driving directions and campus maps,
  • visitor parking recommendations, and
  • walking paths to each building.

A web search of directions to departments, conferences and facilities at UNCG show that many sites contain conflicting or outdated information. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness, Spartan Directions is an optimal replacement. With Spartan Directions, you don’t have to make changes each time there are street name changes, highway exit numbers are revised, etc. because updates are automatically updated.

Once every department and program that uses directions links directly to Spartan Directions, there will be consistency and continual accuracy. And the directions are door-to-door so visitors will know where to park and how to walk to where they need to go.

Whether you are updating a site or bookmarking for personal use, you will find Spartan Directions at http://parking.uncg.edu/access.

Have questions? Contact Suzanne Williams at 334-5595, suz@uncg.edu.