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ASAP with DSBA? That wins XOXO’s

Photo of honorees after the ceremonyMany departments and programs at UNCG have adopted UNCG’s Integrated Marketing & Strategic Communication (IMSC) guidelines. They have used the UNCG Brand Guide, taken part in communications lunch & learn gatherings or called on members of University Relations for advice.

And they have created impactful communication pieces – from viewbooks to posters, from brochures to web pages and student guides – that resonate with students, prospective students and other audiences.

Five units were quick to seize upon the results of this IMSC initiative, since its launch last spring:

  • School of Education
  • Student Affairs
  • University Libraries
  • Admissions
  • Bryan School

Representatives from these five units received special recognition in a ceremony April 25 as effective, early adopters. They have created outstanding communication materials with visual style and wording that help tie their program to the broader university’s branding.

Helen Hebert, associate vice chancellor for university relations, praised them at the ceremony for “pushing the envelope.” She showed striking examples of their work, which serve as helpful examples for other campus departments.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady noted how the communications messaging – with the line “Do Something Bigger Altogether” – resonates with students and prospective students.

We are one university, she stressed. “It is very important that we focus on those characteristics that make us distinctive.”

A campuswide committee of faculty, staff and students gathered three years ago to begin research from the ground up, which would ultimately result in the IMSC guidelines, Hebert explained. Three UNCG characteristics emerged that receive particular focus in this branding communication: community engagement, challenging academics and a supportive environment.

Five years ago, the university lacked a cohesive marketing message. Now our campus has a unifying narrative, she explained.

At the UNCG Brand Guide, those who create materials may find resources for communicating in a manner that aligns with the UNCG brand and helps them meet their marketing and communication goals by highlighting UNCG’s unique strengths.

As one paragraph of the Brand Guide summarizes, “UNCG stands apart not only by the people we attract, but by the difference they make. At our university, what matters in addition to what is taught is how the lessons learned are carried forward. UNCG’s challenging programs, supportive environment and engaged community form a learning experience that empowers us all to do something bigger altogether.”

Next year, Hebert announced, there will be a formal process for a year-end recognition of those effectively leveraging the UNCG Brand Guide and communications guidelines.

Questions? Contact Helen Hebert at hdhebert@uncg.edu or Debbie Schallock at drschall@uncg.edu.

By Mike Harris
Visual on this page: Honorees after the ceremony. On CW main page: Rachel Williams and Dr. Meredith Walther accepted accolades on behalf of the School of Education. Dean Wixson did, as well. Photography by Wesley Brown.