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Special Education Services students make a difference

Photo of Shontria Fonville and Belinda Hardin at the Human RaceThe students in SES 460 designed a T-shirt to sell and raise money supporting mental health awareness and to honor the families of Newtown, Conn., according to Dr. Belinda Hardin (Special Education Services). “We raised $339.87 to donate to the Mental Health Association of Greensboro. Also, the parent co-instructor for the course, Andrea Worthington, and an SES doctoral student, Dionne Busio, were instrumental in making sure the project was implemented.” To further raise awareness for mental health, some of the students and faculty in the class participated in The Human Race, a 5K walk in April. SES 460 student Shontria Fonville said, “It brought me great joy to help advocate for individuals with mental health challenges. After such an amazing experiencing and meeting other people with deep passion to help the community, I can only excitedly look forward to showing continued support.”

Visual at the Human Race: Shontria Fonville and Belinda Hardin