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Sustainability moves forward at UNCG

Campus photo of Foust BuildingThe UNCG Sustainability Council Sustainability Principles, part of their operating papers, were endorsed last week at the year-end General Faculty meeting. Earlier in the year, Staff Senate and the Student Government Association endorsed them as well.

Scott Milman and Dr. Aaron Allen are current co-chairs of the UNCG Sustainability Council.

They have led the revision process for the Sustainability Council Operating Papers based on feedback from faculty, staff and students.

The papers and principles – in an earlier form – were originally drafted under Dr. Anna Marshall-Baker and Jorge Quintal.

The opening paragraph of the papers state:
“Sustainability in institutions of higher education is characterized by activities that are ecologically sound, socially just, economically viable, and aesthetically engaged. Sustainable institutions emphasize these components in day-to-day operations and in curriculum and research, thereby preparing students to recognize challenges, develop solutions, and model behaviors that contribute to a regenerative, healthful, beautiful, and just world.”

The papers also note that sustainability is one of the core values of UNCG cited in the 2009-14 Strategic Plan.

That plan called for the development of a Sustainability Council that formed during the fall of 2011 to “support activities in academics and sustainable practices.” The papers seen at last week’s faculty meeting articulated the purpose, scope and membership of the Sustainability Council and clarified its operational procedures.

The operating papers also include Sustainability Principles that are broad-based and provide the basis for the development of a university Sustainability Policy.

By Mike Harris

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