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Dr. Steve Roberson

Portrait of Dr. Steve RobersonDr. Steve Roberson (Undergraduate Studies) received new funding from the U.S. Department of Education for the project “Intentional Futures – Learning to Learn.” The project and activities proposed are essential for UNCG to continue toward providing excellent educational services to its low-income and diverse population, the abstract says. The Students First Office will seek to address current gaps in UNCG’s decentralized advising program by serving as the centralized academic advising center for at-risk, undecided students at the University. Several initiatives are planned. The Digital Literacy Center (located inside the Digital Media Commons) will improve our students’ communication skills and improve the university’s retention rates by providing a comfortable and caring environment where students can have access to advanced digital technology, work individually or collaborate with their production teams, and consult with professionally trained peers about their digital projects. The DLC will also support faculty and staff as they integrate digital technology into their instruction and design effective assignments that require students to use digital media. The Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons will collaborate with the Digital Literacy Center and the Students First Office to create professional learning communities through which faculty and staff will learn how to improve their interactions with students by sharing experiences, exploring appreciative instruction and advising practices, and discovering how to leverage digital literacy to maintain more positive, seamless relationships with students.