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Amy Strickland, faculty co-director at FTLC, looks forward to helping faculty make connections

Portrait of Amy StricklandAmy Strickland is an academic professional assistant professor and the director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics in the Nutrition Department. This year she will serve as a faculty co-director in the UNCG Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons.

Her focus in the FTLC will be working with faculty fellows to provide leadership and development programs for new, existing and future faculty.

The commons’ focus is the support of faculty in their efforts to enhance UNCG’s instructional programs.

As a double alumna of UNCG, Strickland’s affinity for leadership grew from her experiences in the Bryan MBA program. Since then, she has participated in many leadership programs at the national, regional and local levels. This year, she will be a part of BRIDGES, an intensive professional development program for women in higher education in the UNC system.

“The most rewarding aspect of being co-director of the FTLC will be the opportunities to work with folks across campus to create programs that will bring faculty together to share their best practices and engage in open dialogue,” she says. “I am looking forward to learning about the great things that UNCG faculty are doing and finding ways to make connections between faculty with similar interests and goals.”

In addition to leadership and professional development, student-centered teaching and student development are primary motivators for Strickland. She is a recent recipient of NC Dietetics Association Outstanding Dietetics Educator Award, as well as the Mary Frances Stone Outstanding Teaching Award for the School of HHS.

She loves to travel and spend time outdoors. Strickland frequently treks to waterfalls in the North Carolina and Virginia mountains, she says, and recently spent time hiking in the Bern region of Switzerland.

See more information about the FTLC here. A feature on Wade Maki, FTLC faculty co-director, will be in a future CW.