UNCG Campus Weekly

Campus Weekly is published each Wednesday when classes are in session. In the summer, it is published biweekly.

2013 Upgrades to Campus Weekly

Campus Weekly, the UNCG news source for faculty and staff, has a few enhancements as the year begins.

If you enjoy CW through the print version (available for download by clicking the blue box on the CW web page) or clicking on stories via the email, the changes are minimal.

However, If you’ve scanned over the CW web page, you’ve likely noticed a few changes:

  • The People section is now higher and more prominent, in the center column. We know these items are important to you. (For example, Google Analytics for August 2013 show the third-most clicked CW URL was the People category page, where you can quickly see the week’s People entries and earlier weeks’ as well.) The new placement reflects the section’s importance to our readers.
  • Below that section is our “In the News” feed. Earlier, the feed in the middle column was the broader “University News” – and some items on the feed were duplicated in CW. This more selective “In the News” feed notes lots of UNCG faculty, staff and students featured or quoted in newspapers, magazines and broadcast news. Originating at UNCG Now and very similar to the Newsmakers section on the former “News Page,” it’s updated daily, so check back (or at UNCG Now) throughout the week.
  • The CW twitter feed, in operation since the spring, can be seen at the far right. Consider following “@campusweekly,” with several posts each day geared for the CW readership.

In coming weeks, we plan to freshen the CW nameplate and make one or two additions to the far right column on the CW web page.

If you have any questions about CW – or suggestions – let us know. Email mdharri3@uncg.edu.