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Roy Schwartzman is director of CAC Program

Portrait of Roy SchwartzmanDr. Roy Schwartzman (Communication Studies) is the new director of Communication across the Curriculum. And 2013-14 will be an exciting year for this UNCG program.

When CAC was established more than a decade ago, its requirements for development of intensive oral and written communication were a progressive move. These requirements are now commonplace across higher education, Schwartzman said, and CAC needs some updating.

“The key will be for us to upgrade what we mean by ‘communication’ to include creative, digital, and interpretive skills that expand the traditional ideas of speaking and writing,” he said. “If we can infuse these necessary 21st century competencies systematically into CAC, we could have a comprehensive communication curriculum that stands at the forefront of higher education.”

While students already take a variety of writing and speaking intensive courses at UNCG, CAC needs to address ways that communication competencies interface with majors, he explained. “I hope to collaborate with departments to help us demonstrate that students acquire the communication competencies they need to perform at their best in their chosen fields,” Schwartzman said.

There’s also a real world element. “Considering that employers consistently rank communication skills as one of the most crucial factors in job acquisition and success, vigorous experience of communication throughout the curriculum has immense practical value,” he said.

Schwartzman joined UNCG in 2006 as a full professor. He is an inaugural recipient of the Shoah Foundation Institute Teaching Fellowship and has served on the editorial boards of many scholarly journals. He is a past president of the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology. Among his honors, he received the Betty Jo Welch Award from the Carolinas Communication Association for outstanding service to the communication field. He earned a PhD from the University of Iowa.

By Steve Gilliam