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Dr. Chris Payne

Portrait of Dr. Chris PayneDr. Chris Payne (Center for Youth, Family and Community Partnership) received new funding from the University of Virginia for the project “Banking Time: Supporting the Social Emotional Development of Young Children through Positive Teacher-Child Relationships.” This project is being submitted by the University of Virginia to the US Department of Education in order to evaluate the effect of a preschool-based intervention, called Banking Time, for children who display significant behavior problems in classrooms, such as aggression, low frustration tolerance, non-compliance and impulsivity. The abstract explains that it is called Banking Time because teachers serve as a valuable resource to children and a teacher can invest in this relationship with a child that the child will later draw upon to help cope with common classroom challenges (e.g., work on a frustrating task, deal with peer conflicts). Funding will cover the implementation of the intervention in various day care, preschool, and Head Start sites in Guilford County along with the comprehensive evaluation of its efficacy.