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Achievements by Mathematics & Statistics faculty members

Dr. Jan Rychtář’s book, “Game-Theoretical Models in Biology,” was published in March 2013 and recently received a very positive review from Martin A. Nowak, Professor of Mathematics and Biology at Harvard University. The review was published in the August 2013 volume of the prestigious journal, Science. Covering the major topics of evolutionary game theory, “Game-Theoretical Models in Biology” presents both abstract and practical mathematical models of real biological situations. It discusses the static aspects of game theory in a mathematically rigorous way that is appealing to mathematicians. In addition, the authors explore many applications of game theory to biology, making the text useful to biologists as well.

Dr. Talia Fernós was awarded a three year (2013–16) National Science Foundation (NSF) research grant by the Division of Mathematical Sciences (Topology and Geometric Analysis Program). Grant work will focus on rigidity of isometric Hilbert space actions using the tool of low dimensional cohomology.

Dr. Clifford Smyth was awarded a three year Department of Defense National Security Agency (NSA) award (2012–15). The funding will support his Correlation Inequalities project. These have to do with quantifying how certain random events influence each other. Although correlation inequalities belong to probability, they also have been of use in solving problems that, surprisingly, seem to have nothing to do with probability. They have had important impacts in a number of mathematical fields such as combinatorics, number theory and computer science.

Rychtář, Fernós and Smyth are also recipients of the Simons Foundation Grants. These are awarded only to individuals who currently have a record of active research and publication in high quality journals.

However, both Fernós and Smyth could not accept this award since they currently hold NSF and NSA awards.