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UNCG SECC pictures on web site gallery

Photo of SECC supporter Becky KatesThe 2013 SECC is under way. Historically, UNCG has one of the top participation rates in the system.

When you give to the SECC, consider snapping a picture – with you holding the “UNCG Gives” sign (download a small version or larger version here). Or when a group in your office has given, snap a group shot. If your department reaches 100 percent participation – and every year some departments do that – why not snap a departmental shot to mark the occasion? Or do it at the start to help spark high participation in your department.

And hold your “UNCG Gives” sign like you mean it. By being a proud participant in the SECC, obviously you do.

Then tweet it (preferably with the hashtag #uncgSECC).

Or email the picture to secc@uncg.edu.

The UNCG SECC site will display all the pictures at the new SECC gallery seen here – and these pictures from around campus will inspire others to be a part of the campaign as well.

Full details on the UNCG SECC are at secc.uncg.edu.

By Mike Harris
Photo of SECC supporter Becky Kates