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An essential part of pursuing research funding

Faculty are offered a RAMSes 101 workshop today (Wed. Oct. 16) 3-5 p.m. in 2711 MHRA Building. It is hosted by Chris Davis (OSP) and Chris Farrior (ORED).

This workshop is being conducting as both an introduction on how to use the RAMSeS external funding proposal routing process. It is helpful for new faculty as well as a refresher course for those who have already somewhat familiar with the system. RAMSeS is the tool by which faculty, who are applying for research funding from sponsors outside of the university, are able to electronically route their research proposals through the university prior to submission to the sponsor. This system connects the principal investigator to their academic department, school, and sponsored programs in order to ensure that the proposal has been reviewed prior to submission for university support, budget approval, and compliance with the sponsor guidelines. For new faculty interested in pursuing research funding, RAMSeS is an essential part of the process. For existing faculty who have used the system before, there are some recent updates to the system of which ORED and OSP would like to make them aware.