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Dr. Arthur Murphy

Portrait of Dr. Arthur MurphyDr. Arthur Murphy (Anthropology) received a competitive renewal from the NC DHHS Division of Social Services (DSS) for the project “Nutrition Education for New North Carolinians (Recipe for Success in North Carolina)”. Although some immigrants and refugees are able to access certain familiar foods in North Carolina, they must, of necessity, learn to eat “American” foods. A study released several years ago by the National Academy of Sciences demonstrated that the average immigrant was actually healthier than the average American upon arrival to our shores. Yet within two or three years, their health declined to the same level as Americans. National Academy of Sciences researchers concluded that adoption of the standard American diet of fast foods, high in fat and low in fruits, vegetables and fiber, played a major role. They recommended that there be more culturally appropriate nutrition education for immigrants and refugees. This project will address that need.