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H&RL rallies ‘round 2013 SECC

Photo of Jood Schachtschneider, Charles Clency, Konnie Hauser and Guy SandersIf you heard a big noise today coming from UNCG’s Gray Drive, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Housing and Residence Life holding a big pep rally for the SECC.

The SECC is the official giving campaign for state employees. It supports more than 1,000 charitable organizations in our region and state. And each year, UNCG’s H&RL is a big supporter.

Charles Clency, associate director for Residence Life, says it’s really quite simple: “I happen to truly believe that giving back in some sort of fashion is the ethical thing to do, when you’ve been blessed to have something in this world. My preferred charities are the YMCA and United Way because I’ve witnessed their exemplary commitment to families and community my whole life, and I aim to support them so they can continue this effort for generations to come!”

“We have had a 100 percent participation rate of turning in the forms since before I arrived in 1990,” says Guy Sanders, associate director for Administrative Operations in H&RL.

At the early morning pep rally Oct. 23, staff heard from speakers from Hospice of Greensboro and North Carolina Children’s Home Society. “The breakfast rally provides the motivation for over 100 H&RL staff to support the variety of agencies supported by the campaign,” he explained.

Why does Sanders support SECC? “1. It is easy. 2. It’s the right thing to do. 3. It lets me support the groups and agencies that target some of my favorite causes.

“For example, the last couple of years I have supported Catholic Relief Services because they have one of the lowest administrative costs per dollar donated and they are usually the first in and last out to disasters like the earthquake in Haiti, Civil War in Syria, and drought in east Africa. In the past I have supported Alzheimer’s Association (my wife works with them on walks), Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Greensboro Urban Ministries, etc.”

This year’s H&RL SECC solicitor is Mary Davis. (Earlier H&L coordinators have been Mary Griffin and Doris Corbett.) Davis, administrative assistant, says she gives figuring that if everybody is willing to give a little, the money adds up and can make a big difference. “The organizations that receive the funds serve a huge variety of people with different needs. It feels good to know you are helping the SECC organizations help our community.”

Jood Schachtschneider, assistant director for occupancy management, says, “It’s easy to forget that there are a great number of people all over who need a helping hand. When you look at the types of services offered by all the different charities the SECC supports from Adoption Services, Elderly Support Services, Veterans Services, and lots of others, well, it’s a long list.

“Who knows, any one of us might need one of those services one day.”

To give or to see more information, visit secc.uncg.edu.

By Mike Harris
Photo by Mary Davis. L-r, Jood Schachtschneider, Charles Clency, Konnie Hauser and Guy Sanders