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Chuck Hilton

Portrait of Chuck HiltonChuck Hilton (UNCG Anthropology), along with co-editors Ben Auerbach (University of Tennessee) and Libby Cowgill (University of Missouri), has a forthcoming edited volume titled “The Foragers of Point Hope: The Biology and Archaeology of Humans on the Edge of the Alaskan Arctic,” in press with Cambridge University Press. Over 60 years after the archaeological excavations, “The Foragers of Point Hope” is the first anthropological synthesis of these important ancient arctic foragers of Point Hope, Alaska. The original excavations from 1939-41 were seminal investigations within the field of Arctic archaeology. Written for professional archaeologists and biological anthropologists, as well as informed readers, this integrative volume brings together evidence from archaeological excavations and human skeletal remains to document how past cultures and peoples successfully lived and interacted in the arctic environment of Point Hope, as well as Alaska as a whole.