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Fall 2013 CNNC personnel update

Raleigh Bailey, founding director of CNNC, has stepped down from his position. Bailey will continue with the center on a part-time basis as director emeritus, continuing work with selected projects and doing field research. Bailey has been a leader in the immigrant/refugee field since 1984, when he become director of the Refugee Programs for Lutheran Family Services in the Carolinas.

Maha Elobeid now serves as the interim director of programs, overseeing the CNNC’s outreach education. She first joined CNNC as a lay health advisor for African and Arabic-speaking communities before returning to her native Sudan, where she worked in strategic planning with multinational organizations. Two years ago she returned to CNNC to provide oversight to CNNC’s community centers and started her PhD program in educational leadership and cultural foundations at UNCG.

Holly Sienkiewicz will oversee and further develop the center’s community-based research component as interim director of research as she completes her PhD. She has worked with the CNNC over the last few years as a graduate student in public health education, studying immigrant and refugee integration at our community centers. She has also served with another UNCG center conducting research and evaluation in health education.

Janet Johnson will continue with CNNC as business officer.

Full story at http://cnnc.uncg.edu/2013/10/cnnc-leadership-transitions/