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Open enrollment is extended two weeks, says HR

Open Enrollment period for health insurance and NCFlex benefits was set to end Oct. 31, 2013. However, due to the significant number of members who have yet to take action regarding their benefits, the plans have extended the deadline to Nov. 15, 2013.

Employees will now have until Nov. 15 to take action, or they and any enrolled dependents will be enrolled in the Traditional 70/30 Plan for all of 2014. Employees will have the opportunity to complete their wellness activities for those enrolling in the Enhanced 80/20 Plan and the Consumer-Directed Health Plan in order to reduce their employee-only monthly premium. You now also have additional time to make decisions about NCFlex programs like flexible spending accounts, the new vision option, and the the updated NCFlex term life insurance.

To help communicate this change, the State Health Plan is mailing certain people. Those members who did not take action as of Oct. 17 should receive a postcard in the mail to inform them of this extension and to remind them to enroll. If you completed everything on or after the 17th and get a card, you can verify your elections are in order by:

  1. Logging in to uncg.hrintouch.com
  2. Click “Enroll Now”
  3. Click “Benefits”

Then you will see what action you took on every benefit.

This extension also gives those who have completed their open enrollment time to review and think about their choices. You can make changes to any of your elections prior to Nov. 15 as well.

The State Health Plan has published a new instructional video to help folks understand the new Consumer Directed Health Plan with a Health Reimbursement Account, which you can review here http://bcove.me/xnomur6x

For additional information about open enrollment, visit http://web.uncg.edu/hrs/Benefits/2014_Open_Enrollment/