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For Rob Cannon, campus SECC chair, it all comes back to UNCG’s motto

Portrait of Dr. Rob CannonDr. Rob Cannon (Biology) has supported the SECC for many years. This year he is UNCG’s SECC chair. Which charity does he mark on his form?

He tells a story, of his father ill in the hospital. “Back in 2000, my father was 87. He’d die soon. My mother wanted him to come home.”

Hospice care was there for the family. The doctors thought his father would live four to five days. He lived under the care of Hospice for eight weeks.

“I’ve been giving to Hospice at Greensboro ever since.”

Our motto at UNCG is “service,” he stresses. The SECC is part and parcel with that motto.

Cannon has begun phased retirement. This semester he is teaching one lab and team-teaching a large lecture class. He continues to chair the Health Career Advisory Committee. And there is still that legendary line of students at his Eberhart door during his office hours, as he offers practical wisdom to aspiring doctors and dentists.

To mark his 40th year teaching microbiology, he reached out to his former students from 20 years and 40 years ago – and many responded with tales of where their careers and lives have taken them.

When you teach and advise for 42 years, you have an impact on many students. And they have an impact on many others.

In a way, the SECC is like that. You contribute to the organizations you want and know your gift makes a difference. One that may ripple and, combined with the gifts of others, affect many lives in many ways.

The SECC total stands at $106,615, with two weeks left in the campaign. The goal is $235,000.

Cannon explains he does not like people feeling pressure to give to the SECC. What he does like is that you can choose what organization you want to support.

For him that’s Hospice. And he’s taking it a step further. On Saturday he said, “Today, I am starting my training to become a Hospice volunteer.”

And by the way, he decided to forego the SECC paper form this year and instead try the new online ePledge. Using ePledge was simple, he said.

SECC details are at secc.uncg.edu.

By Mike Harris