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Jerry & Theresa Vaughan Conference Room dedication

Photo of Tim Johnston and Dr. Jerry Vaughan during dedicationOn Oct. 9, 2013, a ceremony was held to dedicate the new conference room in the UNCG Mathematics and Statistics Department to Jerry and Theresa Vaughan. The Jerry & Theresa Vaughan Conference Room is located in the Petty Building, Room 149. The funding was provided by the UNCG College of Arts and Sciences.

Drs. Jerry and Theresa Vaughan have been very generous to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The Dr. Theresa Phillips Vaughan Math Scholarship has already been funded and is providing support for students. Dr. Jerry Vaughan has also provided an additional planned gift that will be added to this scholarship. Additionally, Dr. Jerry Vaughan has completed paperwork to provide an additional planned gift to establish the Jerry E. Vaughan Math Scholarship.

Professor Theresa Vaughan was a member of the mathematics faculty at UNCG for 21 years before retiring in 2008. She served as chair of the Mathematics Scholarship committee. She was vice president of the Board of Directors of the International Fibonacci Association, and a member of several professional organizations. Most of her research was in algebra, finite fields, combinatorics and discrete mathematics. She was the author of many published papers collaborating with many colleagues and students at UNCG and with researchers from other universities. In 1988, she conceived the idea of a one-day regional conference on number theory and combinatorics, and she hosted the first of what grew into an annual two-day conference called SERMON which is an acronym the “Southeastern Regional Meeting on Numbers.”

Professor Jerry Vaughan has been a member of the mathematics faculty at UNCG for 40 years and continues to teach and do research with passion and dedication. He has served as interim head of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and chair of many departmental committees. His research interests include set-theoretic topology, set theory, general topology, mathematical logic, and functional analysis. He is co-editor in chief (with Jan van Mill) of the international research journal “Topology and its Applications.” He also co-edited the book “Handbook of Set-theoretic Topology” with Kenneth Kunen and “The Encyclopedia of General Topology” with K.P. Hart and J. Nagata.

Visual: At dedication, (l-r) Dean Tim Johnston and Dr. Jerry Vaughan