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Playing Telephone, making art at UNCG

Photo from the Messenger ProjectIt was like the game Telephone Pictionary. And only now can UNCG participants see how the “game” turned out.

And you can too.

The exhibition “The Messenger Project” is on view in UNCG’s EUC Gallery through December 20.

UNCG creative writing students and studio artists, one after the other, created the works.

The idea was simple:

A writer would create a poem or prose work. And take it to the student artists’ lounge and leave it in a gold mailbox. A student there, inspired by the work, would create a drawing or other art piece. And take that to the writers’ lounge, where they had a special box. You had three days’ time limit to create your work and deliver it. Anonymity for each work was protected. Ultimately, 15 students and faculty participated over a month and a half. Their series of works is on display, placed in chronological order. (As you enter, start from the right.)

Three UNCG graduate student organizers – Amanda Wagstaff, Molly Sentell Haile and Jessica Plante – kept a spreadsheet, to keep it all organized. They met through UNCG’s Center for Creative Writing in the Arts. At the Opening Reception in late November, Wagstaff explained that the student organizers were looking for an innovative way to spur interdisciplinary dialogue, even in the face of university budget cuts.

She notes the works are displayed just as they were found.

If you want to see the exhibition of “flash art,” stop in soon before it’s gone.