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Dozen represent UNCG in Undergraduate Research, and two get research grant

On Nov. 16, the ninth Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS) was held on the campus of UNC Charlotte. This year’s SNCURCS combined with the NC Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (NC-LSAMP) Annual Research Conference to include 349 abstracts, of which 12 were from UNCG.

Two Spartans were awarded the 2013 George T. Barthalmus Undergraduate Research Grant:
Camile Knudsen, mentored by Dr. Elizbeth Perrill of Art History, for “The Cultural Identities of Korean Potters.”
Rupa Vummalaneni, mentored by Dr. Mitchell Croatt of Chemistry, for “Mechanistic Investigation into a Novel Decarboxylation Reaction.”

Additional student participants, the title of their presentations, and their faculty mentor were:
Rawaa Fouad Al Rifaie – Biochemistry – Facile Synthesis of Racemic Diesters to Yield Highly Enantioenriched Gamma-Lactones – Kimberly Petersen
Naomi Rachael Bate – Music Performance Memory and Resistance in Present-Day Chilean Hip-Hop – Gavin Douglas
Beth Howell – Art History – The Vasari Corridor and Cosimo I de’Medici’s Changing Public Image in the 1560’s – Heather Holian
Jancey Irvin – Biochemistry – Photosystem II Extrinsic Protein Subunit Loss as Detected by SDS-Polyacrylanide Gel Electrophoresis – Alice Haddy
David Allen Koppang – Archaeology – Neolithic Architectural Identification and Detection (NAIaD) – Joanne Murphy
Pangdee Lee – Biochemistry – Effects of Nitrite at Various pH on Oxygen Evolution Activity by Photosystem II – Alice Haddy
Trinh Nguyen – Biochemistry Effects of Iodide on Photosystem II Activity at Various pHs – Alice Haddy
Harry Lewis Rybacki – Computer Science – Scholarly: An open, freely accessible dataset of the academic citation network – Jeffrey Spies
Karen Shin – Biochemistry – Effect of Illumination on Oxygen Evolution Activity and Ca2+ Dependence of PSII – Alice Haddy
Emalee Zingher – Human Development and Family Studies – How Quickly New Mothers Respond to their Infants’ Cries: The Role of Context and Childhood Experiences – Esther Leerkes