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2013-14 CDLC Fellows are announced

The Coalition of Diverse Language Communities at UNCG announces the following UNCG faculty members who have been awarded research fellowships in the amount of $3,000 for their collaborative work with members of diverse language communities for the 2013-14 school year:

– Melody Zoch and Amy Vetter, School of Education, for promoting equitable literacy education for students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds by supporting teachers through professional development. This collaborative project, which includes partners with eight schools within the Asheboro City School District, will provide intensive support for teachers who work with English Language Learners on writing tasks. This professional development outreach will be ongoing and sustained, with the UNCG faculty members continuing to collaborate with Asheboro teachers throughout a full school year. Faculty will also evaluate the most effective strategies for partnering with teachers and supporting their professional development.

– Edna Tan and Beverly Faircloth, School of Education, for Teaching science for social justice: A community-based STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) club for refugee youth. This project will be in collaboration with the Center for New North Carolinians and a residential refugee community with which they are involved. Faculty members will meet on a weekly basis with youth at the community, utilizing the Engineering is Elementary curriculum developed by the Museum of Science in Boston. The participants will be given opportunities to author their own sense of positive identity as science learners in addition to acquiring content information.

– Jigna Dharod, School of Health and Human Sciences, for Feeding the family in a foreign country: Understanding home food environment and food insecurity experiences of Latino immigrants. This study will attempt to determine the strategies that low-income Latino families use to prevent and/or manage food insecurity in their homes. Data will include a qualitative interview in Spanish with the female head of household and a quantitative home food assessment. Findings will also be shared with the participants in an effort to assist them in better managing their home food environments.

– Ye He, Ang Chen and Kristine Lundgren, Schools of Education and Health and Human Sciences, for Intercultural exploration of Chinese education, health and sports through a comprehensive cross-cultural experience. This project aims to improve UNCG students’ understanding of the global/international world in which we live. The study includes cultural immersion for UNCG students with local Chinese communities prior to travel, guided reflections within an interdisciplinary course during an international field experience in China, and post-travel sharing with the local community. The faculty involved are planning to use this study as a pilot to assist them with submitting a Fulbright-Hayes proposal in the near future.

The Coalition for Diverse Language Communities (CDLC) was founded more than two years ago by Professors Micheline Chalhoub-Deville, Colleen Fairbanks and Barbara Levin from the UNCG School of Education. Its goal is to promote innovative, relevant and collaborative work in the areas of community-engaged research, outreach and advocacy, policy work and professional development. The CDLC aims to be a catalyst for innovative, relevant, collaborative and policy-related research, leveraging the synergy and knowledge of faculty, staff, students and communities locally, nationally and globally. CDLC research fellowships are funded through financial support from the UNCG School of Education and the Office of Research and Economic Development. For more information on upcoming events, programs and initiatives, visit http://cdlc.uncg.edu/.