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In memoriam: Arvid Johan Knutsen

Arvid Johan Knutsen died Feb. 7. Knutsen became Director of Opera at UNCG in 1978. He also served as a member of the voice faculty in the UNCG School of Music, and served as president of the National Opera Association 1998-2000. An obituary is at http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Arvid-Knutsen&lc=4855&pid=169609362&mid=5848570. Donald Hartmann, a faculty member who is one of his former students, tells of how Knutsen helped him. “Arvid directed me in my very first opera performance here at UNCG in Aycock Auditorium.” It was “Falstaff.” “That opportunity is what gave me the encouragement and impetus to become a singer” and forego piano performance.

“Prior to Arvid’s arrival to UNCG, opera productions only occurred on alternate years: one year there would be a musical, the next, an opera. Arvid was responsible for developing the foundation of our opera program as he went to one full production EACH academic year,” he added. “He was extremely productive and he helped establish careers for many UNCG students.”