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New program for greater efficiency for UNCG’s managed print services

A new program for managed print services will assist the campus in future cost savings and sustainability efforts.

UNCG has selected Systel as our managed print services (MPS) vendor. MPS is a cost effective and centralized method to print, scan and fax documents.

Over time, UNCG will discontinue ownership and leases of non-specialized printers, copiers, scanners or fax machines. This program will be phased in based on the needs and the potential savings in each department. Except for paper, UNCG will not be responsible for the purchase and replacement of toner cartridges or other materials used in the devices and will not pay maintenance costs. Instead, UNCG will contract with Systel to pay a per-page price for printing, copying, scanning and, in some cases, faxing services.

Effective immediately, Purchasing will no longer process requests for the purchase of new copiers or printers (desktop and network). This also includes renewals on leases for currently owned copiers and printers. Purchases using the PCard are also suspended for these purchases. Departments with urgent printing device needs should contact Trace Little, director of Materials Management, to discuss accelerating their participation in the program.

The new program was announced in a memo from Reade Taylor, vice chancellor for Business Affairs, and Dr. Jim Clotfelter, vice chancellor and chief information officer.

Systel will do a campus wide assessment of our printing and copying equipment. Representatives from Systel and Purchasing will be meeting with all campus departments to assess the volume and cost of print and copy expenses.

After the assessment, the team will meet with departmental representatives to collectively determine the most optimal time to move to the Managed Print Services program.

Some of the basics of the MPS program:

  • Systel will own the printers and copiers and only charge the departments a cost per page to print.
  • The cost per page should reflect a significant savings over current costs.
  • Once a department is phased into the MPS program, they will no longer be able to purchase toner, ink cartridges, or maintenance agreements as these will be provided as part of the university Systel contract.
  • Departments will be responsible for providing paper for the copiers.

Highlights and benefits of the Managed Print Services program:

  • Recycling and Green Initiatives – Systel will help establish/tailor a recycling program for UNCG to meet our environmental sustainability.
  • Billing by department.
  • Eliminate the expense of purchasing consumables up front, as they are included in the 920M contract. No longer invest in supplies that will expire or never be utilized in devices.
  • Dedicated, factory trained service technician to handle campus service and maintenance. Single point of contact for printer related issues.
  • Newer devices that consume less energy, enter and recover from power save mode faster, thus significantly reducing energy consumption.
  • Product consistency, eliminates training from one device to another and helps control the print environment.
  • Encourage responsible printing, by educating the end user community on device functionality and defaulting drivers to:
    1. Default two-sided printing
    2. Black & White instead of Color
  • Remote monitoring and reporting of device utilization.
  • Systel will offer UNCG a credit for displaced and/or unusable equipment.

Any questions regarding the Managed Print Services program may be directed to:
Trace Little, director of Materials Management – 334-4104 – tjlittle@uncg.edu
Chris Roys, Enterprise projects officer, ITS – 334-4366 – caroys@uncg.edu