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“Heartbleed” Internet Security Vulnerability

UNCG ITS provided this information about Internet security:

Media outlets have been reporting on the “Heartbleed” Internet security vulnerability. The “Heartbleed” risk is a threat to many websites across the Internet. The staff of UNCG’s Information Technology Services (ITS) are assessing the risk to UNCG and are making changes to mitigate risk.

Please take special note that despite many media reports advising people to change passwords, UNCG is not currently suggesting that users change their campus passwords as a response to “Heartbleed.” In terms of the “Heartbleed” risk and changing passwords, timing is important. Please do NOT change passwords as a response to “Heartbleed” until you have received information from ITS that any affected servers have been updated to eliminate the “Heartbleed” risk. ITS will provide further guidance on the timing of password changes in the near future.

(Note: Anyone who has a normal business reason to change passwords at this time should do so. This includes changing a password that is due to expire, per UNCG’s usual 90-day expiration cycle. If you are getting messages that your password is expiring, you should change your password at reset.uncg.edu.)

We will continue to update the campus as our work to address this risk progresses. If you have questions about “Heartbleed” and campus technology, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or 6-TECH@uncg.edu.

Full story at http://itsnews.uncg.edu/2014/04/10/heartbleed-internet-security-vulnerability/