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Dr. Peter Wilson

Photo of Dr. Peter WilsonDr. Peter Wilson (Teacher Education and Higher Education) received a competitive renewal from North Carolina Quality Educators through Staff Development and Training (NCQUEST) for the project “Core-Math III: Supporting Teachers in Using Learning Trajectories to Implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.”

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) Content Standards represent a curriculum significantly different than previous state standards in terms of the sequencing of content topics and the required cognitive demand. In order to successfully implement the CCSSM, teachers should be supported with extensive and intensive job-embedded professional development on learning trajectories and on reform-oriented pedagogies that use learning trajectories to build student understanding, the abstract explains. Core-Math III continues the partnership among UNCG and Rockingham County by extending the NC QUEST Cycle XI Core-Math II project for 15 teachers and administrators in the high-need district of Rockingham County Schools.