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Bonnie M. Canziani

Photo of Bonnie M. CanzianiBonnie M. Canziani (Bryan School of Business and Economics) won the best paper award in the teaching track from the Small Business Institute during the organization’s annual conference in February. The paper, titled “Student consulting and critical thinking: Monitoring the use of judgment heuristics,” was centered on assessing what students actually learn from student consulting projects in entrepreneurship and capstone courses, specifically in the area of critical thinking and information literacy. These two skills have come to the forefront of higher education as important learning goals for the 21st century. Canziani, who has served as an assessment consultant at university, school, and program levels for over 10 years and has helped to found five academic programs in hospitality and tourism around the world, sees the need for critical assessment of the learning that comes out of the recent surge of experiential curriculum, e.g., student consulting, industry projects, and internships. “Academic programs are adopting more and more hands-on projects and activities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels,” she said. “The next step is to actually verify what students are taking away from these activities — beyond the obvious résumé line or two.”