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New FTLC Teaching Fellows are announced

Several new FTLC TEACHING FELLOWS for 2014-15 have been announced. They will be sharing their energy, ideas and insights with fellow faculty during the upcoming academic year:

Risa Applegarth (ENG) – Future Faculty Fellow
Ian Beatty (PHY) – TeMALe Fellow
James Benshoff (CED) – Tenure Track Mentoring Fellow
Sarah Daynes (SOC) – Future Faculty Fellow
Travis Hicks (IARC) – Fellow for Community Engagement
Lawrence Jenkens (ART) – Fellow for Active Learning
Kim Keppler-Hewitt (ELC) – Fellow for Online Learning
Bruce Kirchoff (BIO) – Fellow for Active Learning
Susan Phillips (CSD) – New Faculty Mentoring Fellow
Bonnie Yarbrough (ENG) – CAC Fellow