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Dr. Nir Kshetri

Photo of Dr. Nir KshetriDr. Nir Kshetri (Bryan School) delivered a keynote speech titled “Trends and Developments in the Application and Impact of Big Data in Organizations” at the first International Retail Congress held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event was organized by the Brazilian Franchising Association. The Brazilian newspaper Diário do Comércio highlighted his keynote speech in its article titled “Big Data, aliada também dos pequenos” (April 24, 2014), which is available at http://www.dcomercio.com.br/2014/04/24/big-data-aliada-tambem-dos-pequenos-1. He was also interviewed by Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios magazine, a leading publication for entrepreneurs in Brazil. The interview (in Portuguese) titled “Com big data, as franquias podem otimizar seus resultados” is available at http://revistapegn.globo.com/Franquias/noticia/2014/04/com-big-data-franquias-podem-otimizar-seus-resultados.html.