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Spring 2014’s ‘incredible group of Staff Stars’

Group photo of spring 2014 staff stars“We have an incredible group of Staff Stars today – 26,” said Chancellor Linda P. Brady at the April 29, 2014, ceremony.

The Staff Star awards are one of the ways our university tries to recognize the incredible commitment of our campus staff, she said.

“We see staff going the extra mile,” she explained. “People are doing multiple jobs.” The staff receiving these awards do it with good humor and great spirit, she noted. And they are ready to help.

“Visitors to campus refer to the helpfulness of our staff,” she said, adding that helps with attracting excellent students to our university.

The Spring 2014 UNCG Staff Star honorees are:
Amanda Levens (Financial Planning and Budgets)
Anna Croom (Annual Giving)
Brad Weatherly (Facilities Operations)
Brown Biggers (University Libraries)
Cathy Rogers (Weatherspoon Art Museum)
Delight Morehead (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Erik Schuman (Postal Services)
Glenda Lloyd (Business Administration)
Heather Edgerly (Facilities Design and Construction)
Helen Burns (Facility Services)
Karen Burton (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Lori George (Bryan School)
Mae Byers (Facility Services)
Mark Unrue (University Relations)
Mary Early (Graduate School)
Melanie Sawyer (Facility Services)
Pam Sparks (Bryan School)
Rashaun DeBerry (Student Health)
Ray Defiore (Facility Services)
Rick Schumaker (Information Technology Services)
Robin Rorie Facility Services
Sean Farrell (Human Resources)
Shakima Clency (Office of Learning Communities)
Shawn O’Neil (Learning Assistance Center)
Suzanne Schmutz (Graduate School)
Tim Wilkins (Facility Services)

By Mike Harris
Photograph of recipients by Chris English.