UNCG Campus Weekly

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Custodial services and recycling changes for offices

Effective June 30, 2014, the frequency of custodial services for UNCG offices will change.

Facility Services (custodial) staff will only enter offices once per week to clean the office and to empty the trash and recycling containers. If the trash or recycling containers need to be emptied more frequently, office occupants may empty them into the nearest centralized trash and recycling containers that are typically located in break rooms and public areas. This change is necessary because of the loss of positions due to the budget reduction.

Another change that will occur on June 30 is that the small, blue office recycling containers, previously designated for office paper recycling only, can be used for commingled recycling. A list of items that can be placed in commingled recycling containers can be found at http://facrecycling.uncg.edu/recyguidlines.html. This change will make it more convenient to recycle a wider variety of materials.

These changes will affect offices only. Other areas such as classrooms, labs, restrooms and public areas will not be affected. Supervisors are working with building contacts to make this transition as seamless as possible. Any questions may be directed to the Facility Services supervisor assigned to your building as indicated below or, if your building is not listed or if you are unable to contact a supervisor, contact Thomas Everett, Ben Kunka or Hoyte Phifer.

Willie Dowd Curry – Graham, Bryan, Foust, Forney, Financial Aid, Visitor’s Center – wddowd@uncg.edu
Joseph Borden – Cone Art, Aycock, Taylor, Brown, Carmichael, Police Station – jaborden@uncg.edu
Sherry Stevens – SOEB, HHP, SRF, Mossman – srsteven@uncg.edu
Greg Poteat – MHRA, Alumni House, Faculty Center, EUC, Studio Arts – jgpoteat@uncg.edu
John Pearce – 500 Forest Street, Parking Decks, Print Shop, 1605 Spring Garden – jjpearce@uncg.edu
Ron Burkes – 1100 W. Market, Music – rdburkes@uncg.edu
Jeff Melton – Sullivan Science, Eberhart, Petty, Moore Nursing, McIver, Stone, North Drive Daycare, Carter Daycare – jtmelton@uncg.edu