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UNCG’s Canvas Implementation Plan

Photo of student with laptop in Jackson LibraryIn Spring 2014 the Academic Technology Coordinating Committee (ATCC) recommended that UNCG move its Learning Management System (LMS) from Blackboard Learn to Canvas by Instructure.

Provost David H. Perrin has announced that the administration is accepting the recommendation to move to Canvas. This plan shows the timeline for moving courses and organizations from Blackboard Learn to Canvas. Information Technology Services (ITS) and Instructional Technology Consultants (ITCs) from the College and Schools will work together to provide training and migration assistance to instructors and organization leaders.

Fall 2014 will be UNCG’s “early adopter” phase for Canvas. During this phase a limited number of classes will be held in Canvas, and functionality will be limited as it was during the Spring 2014 pilot (e.g., integration with 3rd party tools such as Starfish and the Turnitin anti-plagiarism tool are high priorities, but may not be available at the Fall 2014 semester start). By Spring 2015, ITS expects to have a complete implementation of Canvas, including integration with UNCG third-party tools. It is anticipated that at least 25 percent of all UNCG instructors will teach their courses in Canvas in Spring 2015.

Details and contact information are at http://courses.uncg.edu/.