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How university community is informed when an employee has died

What’s the procedure for informing the campus when a UNCG employee – or retired employee – has passed away?

If the faculty or staff member is currently employed by UNCG, an email communication will be sent to the campus on behalf of the Office of the Chancellor. Please fill out the form located at https://uc.uncg.edu/prod/cweekly/uncg-employee-death-notices to provide the needed information for this email communication. In addition to the email communication, an announcement will be shared in Campus Weekly.

If the faculty or staff member is retired or is a former employee, each unit is asked to share the news as deemed appropriate. Also, please fill out the form at https://uc.uncg.edu/prod/cweekly/uncg-employee-death-notices so the news can be shared in Campus Weekly.

If you have any questions, contact the Campus Weekly editor at mdharri3@uncg.edu or 256-0230.