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Dr. Laura K. Taylor

Photo of Dr. Laura K. TaylorDr. Laura K. Taylor (Peace and Conflict Studies) is the principal investigator for a recently awarded project from the American Psychological Foundation Visionary Grant Program. “Daily Stressors and Positive Development among Immigrant and Refugee Youth” investigates how both negative (e.g., discrimination) and positive (e.g., social support) daily interactions affect ‘newcomer’ youth by identifying factors that enhance their own development and their potential to be constructive members in their communities. The pilot study will assess a wide-range of outcomes and behaviors (e.g., prosocial behaviors, civic participation) that have implications for community building and positive intergroup relations. The findings will have implications for youth agencies, resettlement strategies, and community development practices. The long-term vision is to promote and foster adaptive development of newcomer youth to not only improve their own lives, but also to build vibrant communities.