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New University Teaching and Learning Commons

The reorganization of the former Undergraduate Studies has been completed with the creation of the University Teaching and Learning Commons (UTLC). Dr. Ben Ramsey of the Department of Religious Studies has been named the UTLC’s director.

The University Teaching and Learning Commons encompasses the three UNCG Residential Colleges—Ashby College, Grogan College, and Strong College—as well as the Teaching Innovations Office (formerly Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons); the Multi-literacy Centers; Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Office (URSCO); and administration of the Title III grant.

Dr. Ramsey will provide further details on programs and initiatives of the UTLC at the Faculty Senate meeting today (Oct. 1, 2014) from 3-5 p.m. in the Alumni House.

Staffing for the reorganized unit is as follows:
Dr. Ben Ramsey, director, University Teaching and Learning Commons
Dr. Michelle Soler, coordinator, Teaching Innovations Office
Dr. Sara Littlejohn, faculty program chair, Ashby Residential College
Dr. Lee Phillips, director, URSCO
Dr. Lindsay Sabatino, director, Digital Center
Anne Barton, faculty program chair, Strong Residential College
Kim Cuny, director, Speaking Center
John Sopper, faculty program chair, Grogan Residential College
Julie Vorhees, project director, Title III
Jennifer Whitaker, director, Writing Center