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Come to UNCG Gerontology ‘lunch and learns’

The UNCG Gerontology Program invites professionals and community members engaged with aging populations to attend its two Fall 2014 on-campus “Lunch & Learn” presentations.

“Emerging Trends in Family Caregiving Using the Life Course Perspective” – Tuesday, Nov. 11, 11-12:15 p.m. – Stone Building – Edwards Lounge
Elise Eifert provides insight into characteristics of baby boomers that separate them from previous aging cohorts and how these characteristics affect family caregiving using the theoretical lens of a life course perspective.

“Making Community Events Accessible to Older Adults” – Wednesday, Dec. 3, noon – 1:15 p.m. – Stone Building – Edwards Lounge
Today’s older adults seek to remain active, independent, and engaged with the community in ways that differ dramatically from generations past. Beth Barba and Anita Tesh provide insights to ensure that community events are accessible, engaging, and safe for older adult members of the community.

Bring your own lunch to enjoy during the presentations. Seating is limited. To attend, RSVP indicating the specific event and your name, e-mail and phone to gerontology@uncg.edu or to 336-256-1020.