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UNCG prepares for re-accreditation of professional education programs

Representatives from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) will be on campus Oct. 26-28 to review UNCG’s preparation of teachers and other professional educators. The NCATE review, last conducted at UNCG in 2006, is based on the NCATE Unit Standards, a set of research-based national standards developed by all sectors of the education profession. Accreditation requires continual self-study, a major report by the institution and NCATE’s response to the unit’s report as well as an onsite visit during which a group of examiners, known as the Board of Examiners (BOE), interview students, alumni, faculty and school-based supervisors.

“NCATE requires each educator preparation program at UNCG to engage in a continuous process of self study,” says Dr. Barbara Levin, director of the Teachers Academy and Professor in the Teacher Education and Higher Education department in UNCG’s School of Education. “This process includes collecting and analyzing several different types of data from and about our students, and even our program graduates. We then use these data as the basis for making changes to our programs with the goal of making them even better, thereby meeting both national standards and our own high standards.”

As part of the NCATE preparation process, the UNCG Teachers Academy has revised and updated its Conceptual Framework guiding principles for licensure programs.

The NCATE Board of Examiners will share their findings with UNCG in mid-December. “I am confident in UNCG’s preparedness for our upcoming accreditation review,” says Dr. Karen Wixson, dean of the UNCG School of Education. “We have worked diligently over the past several years to use the accreditation process as an opportunity to thoroughly examine the effectiveness of our licensure programs and act on our commitment to continuous improvement. I am gratified by the progress we have made and appreciative of the dedicated work by the numerous individuals from our faculty, staff, students, and school partners who have contributed to the success of these efforts.”

For more information on the UNCG Teachers Academy, visit: http://soe.uncg.edu/about-us/teachers-academy/