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The Solar Airstream Fab Lab pulls into UNCG

Paul Higham and Coral Lambert will visit in The Solar Airstream Fab Lab, a 1960’s silver trailer converted by them into a digital sculpture lab and research studio. Harnessing solar energy via 2 x 22 ft. panels on the roof, it is primarily a mobile studio for small scale production of art on the road.

Both artists are internationally recognized in their chosen fields that span the spectrum of current sculptural practice. Higham comes from a highly conceptual background having studied at Goldsmiths College in the early 70’s London and is a pioneer of rapid prototype and data sculpture. Lambert comes from a formal steel sculpture tradition of Sir Anthony Caro in the mid 80’s and now primarily works in response to a foundry based practice.

The Solar Airstream Fab Lab will be parked at the Sculpture Facilities during their visit at the Gatewood Studio Arts Building.

More details:
On Paul Higham visit: http://www.datasculpture.net
On Coral Lambert visit: http://www.corallambertsculpture.com