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Potential UNCG 2015 Legislative priorities

Chancellor Linda P. Brady presented some potential legislative priorities for UNCG for the coming year, as she spoke at the Nov. 5 Faculty Senate meeting.

Salary increases A meaningful across-the-board pay increase to reward and retain our talented faculty and staff.

Health and wellness program A request for $1,900,000 per year to cover the operating expenses necessary for supporting the enrollment growth in UNCG advance practice and healthcare leadership programs.

Carry-forward reform A small percentage of General Fund appropriations must be carried over for reallocation the next year to fund strategic one-time projects. Last year the Board of Governors recommended a higher percentage, which UNCG supports for operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Need-based aid UNCG supports sustained funding of the State need-based aid program, in place since 2000.

Repair and renovation UNCG has more than $140 million in estimated deferred maintenance.

Union Square Campus The Greensboro Partnership is considering seeking an additional State investment of $2 million to purchase high-tech medical training equipment for the proposed health care simulation center in the facility, whose initial key stakeholders/tenants will be UNCG, NC A&T, GTCC and Cone Health.

UNCG will adopt a formal legislative agenda following approval of the UNC System Policy Agenda and Budget Priorities by the UNC Board of Governors in early 2015.