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Crowdfunding made simpler, for all Spartans

Photo of College Avenue with studentsYou have a UNCG related project that needs some fundraising?

Use crowdfunding, through The Spartan Project. Leverage the power of numbers – and let a lot of Spartans be a part of making an impact.

The Spartan Project is UNCG’s crowdfunding platform now open for students, faculty and staff to submit their project ideas for funding. Check it out at TheSpartanProject.uncg.edu. Just click the “submit your project here” tab to complete the application.

It gives students, faculty and staff a way to share their story and ask for financial support from alumni and friends of the university, while educating students and alumni on the importance of giving.

If your project idea is selected after completing the application, you will captain the campaign. Through sending emails, posting on social media and creating a blog to share with your your friends, family and anyone interested in giving to your campaign, you will pilot the fundraising.

The Spartan Project gives you the platform, the web presence, the tools, the advice – the success is up to you and the group of supporters that can make all the difference.

  • All contributions are charitable donations and will receive an official tax receipt.
  • There are no fees associated with The Spartan Project. 100 percent of your gift goes directly to your chosen UNCG-related project.
  • All gifts support projects which directly impact the future of the UNCG community.

Image of The Spartan Project logoSarah Kathryn Coley, associate director of Annual Giving Programs, hopes that students will learn the rewards of philanthropy. For Annual Giving Programs, it’s the question of “How to instill in students the passion to give back while they’re here?” The hope is that that students will continue to give after graduation.

And another thing: the site will tell wonderful stories, with each campaign an opportunity for readers to become an engaged part of the story with the click of a button.

“It’s about empowering students …. finding investors for UNCG and its projects …. and sharing stories of our university in a whole new way,” she says.

All gifts go directly to the project you choose to support and count as annual gifts to the university.

The office has done three campaigns as a test. Now they are ready to make it available to the campus community.

To learn more about what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign on thespartanproject.uncg.edu, read the crowdfunding toolkit http://thespartanproject.uncg.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Campaign-Tool-Kit.pdf

Questions? Contact Sarah Kathryn Coley at skcoley@uncg.edu or 334-5984 or Emily Rector at Emily.rector@uncg.edu 334-3376.