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See Nursing’s new Simulation Center

Photo of Moore Building entranceOn Wednesday, Nov. 19,  from 10:30 to noon, the School of Nursing will host an open house at its new Simulation Center “SCENE” (Simulation Center for Experiential Nursing Education) on the fourth floor of Moore Nursing Building.

The university community is invited to stop by for a tour.

A newly renovated simulation area in the School of Nursing is now available for student learning opportunities. The SCENE (Simulation Center for Experiential Nursing Education) is home to areas which include a hospital setting for adults, pediatric acute care area, and a simulated home environment. First, the hospital scene has two patient areas with high fidelity simulators that have multiple capabilities to engage student learners. Also, the pediatric scene which has both infant and child high fidelity simulators provides students the opportunity to practice an appropriate developmental approach when caring for children. In addition to these areas, the home scene is available for students to participate in a home visit and complete an environmental safety assessment. In the SCENE, faculty members have been able to view students in the simulation area and watch their videotaped encounters to provide one on one feedback immediately following their experience.

The SCENE provides a rich environment for learning opportunities for all levels of nursing.

With each encounter, students are able to practice their skills and demonstrate competencies necessary for a nurse. An Anatomage table, which will be on view, is an interactive, technologically advanced table that is used for education of anatomical structures and function. This table has software that can be used in the classroom setting with a digital anatomy library that houses over 120 pathological examples for students to view. This type of product will enhance faculty teaching by using the most up to date technology available when preparing for their courses.