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UNCG faculty promotion & tenure honorees, 2014

Photo of McIver statue in front of Jackson LibraryIt’s a UNCG tradition. Faculty achieving promotion and/or tenure are honored at a reception – and they choose one book for the University Libraries’ collection that will be bookplated to commemorate the milestone. A reception for the honorees was hosted by the University Libraries and the Provost’s Office earlier this semester. A display currently on view in the main lobby of Jackson Library shows each honoree with his or her book – and an explanation of why that book was chosen. The honorees are:

Ms. Marjorie H. Bagley, Music Performance
Dr. Tracy R. Bartlett, Community Practice Nursing
Dr. Nora J. Bird, Library and Information Studies
Dr. Anthony S. Chow, Library and Information Studies
Mr. Mark Clodfelter, Music Performance
Dr. Kari M. Eddington, Psychology
Dr. Jennifer Feather, English
Ms. Beth Filar Williams, University Libraries
Dr. Jie Hu, Community Practice Nursing
Dr. Corey M. Johnson, Geography
Ms. Holly G. Jones, English
Dr. Matina C. Kalcounis-Ruppell, Biology
Dr. Christopher L. Kepley, Nanoscience
Ms. Beth A. Koelsch, University Libraries
Dr. Fabrice Lehoucq, Political Science
Dr. John J. Lepri, Biology
Dr. Eun-Hee Lim, Art
Dr. Gary Lim, English
Dr. Teresa Little, Specialized Education Services
Dr. Ignacio Lopez, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Ms. Lisa McDonald, Communications Sciences and Disorders
Dr. Cybelle H. McFadden, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Ms. Jennifer H. Meanley, Art
Dr. A. Keith Mobley, Counseling & Educational Development
Dr. Joanne M. Murphy, Classical Studies
Dr. Carole J. Ott, Music Performance
Dr. Craig M. Peck, Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations
Dr. Elizabeth A. Perrill, Art
Ms. Regina M. Pulliam, Public Health Education
Dr. Scott J. Richter, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Mark Rifkin, English
Dr. Jan Rychtar, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Randy J. Schmitz, Kinesiology
Dr. Clifford D. Smyth, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Steven Stusek, Music Performance
Dr. Joseph M. Starobin, Nanoscience
Dr. Shanmugathasan Suthaharan, Computer Science
Dr. David J. Teachout, Music Education
Dr. Nancy L. Walker, Music Performance
Dr. Karen A. Weyler, English
Dr. Dan Yasaki, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Xia Zhao, Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

The web site listing the honorees and their chosen books is