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Golden Chain Honor Society induction

Photo of new Golden Chain membersUNCG inducted 19 new members of the Golden Chain Honor Society on Nov. 9, 2014, in the Virginia Dare Room at the Alumni House. Alumni member Debra Turner Bailey provided remarks on the importance of the seven links of the Golden Chain based on her experience in corporate leadership development.

The Golden Chain Honor Society was officially founded on the campus of the Woman’s College of North Carolina in 1948. The name was chosen deliberately. “Golden” denotes excellence and rarity. “Chain” signifies linkage – a binding together of past generations of students who served that university and the organization with the present students, and with generations to come. The seven links of the chain symbolize the qualities which have always been prerequisite for election to membership: leadership, scholarship, service, tolerance, judgment, magnanimity and character.

Golden Chain was organized to recognize students who have made significant and meaningful contributions to the university community. From the beginning, the students inducted have been those who served the university and their fellow students in quiet as well as prominent ways.

New members are:
Brittany Bailey
Allison Barnes
Britney Boles
Roy Dixon, III
Amy Ellis
Stephanie Falcon
Andrea Rangel Guevara
Dominick Hand
Latiqua Hardy
Ashley Hartin
VanaMary P. Isaac
Eira Nordeng Jensen
Darien Kyle Levine
Jonathan Lyle
Emily McMurtrey
Tiera C. Ujama Moore
Dylan Reddish
Kelsey Sidney
Ashley Stokes