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Imaging/imagining birth of Christ in early Byzantium

Photo of Dr. Derek KruegerDr. Derek Krueger will discuss the development of Christian art in the 6th century in a book talk Dec. 4, 6:30 p.m., at the Weatherspoon.

He will focus especially on the cycle of scenes from the life of Christ which were emerging for the first time and often in the form of small devotional objects and manuscripts.

Krueger’s latest book is “Liturgical Subjects: Christian Ritual, Biblical Narrative, and the Formation of the Self in Byzantium” (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014).

Orthodox Christian interior life, Krueger demonstrates, was profoundly shaped by patterns of worship introduced and disseminated by Byzantine clergy. Hymns, prayers, and sermons transmitted complex emotional responses to biblical stories, particularly during Lent. Religious services and religious art taught congregants who they were in relation to God and each other.

A book signing will follow the talk.

Krueger is Joe Rosenthal Excellence Professor Department of Religious Studies and Program in Women’s and Gender Studies at UNCG.