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President Ross speaks on upcoming chancellor search

An open search vs. a closed search? A chancellor search does not have to be one or the other, UNC President Tom Ross explained at the Nov. 19 UNCG Faculty Forum. It can be somewhere on the continuum.

He spoke of striking a balance between openness in the search and having the best candidates. An open search will deter some candidates, he explained. “How that balance is struck is up to the search committee.”

He explained the search process. The UNCG Board of Trustees will select a search committee. Once the search committee is selected, it controls the search. They may decide to bring in a search firm, if they choose. The committee often will have forums to seek input.

The list of candidates typically gets narrowed down to perhaps 10 or 12. Then there are usually off-site interviews. The list is ultimately narrowed to three. Those names are submitted to the system president.

Ultimately, the Board of Governors selects the chancellor, on the recommendation of the president, he explained.

The goal for everyone: “find the best person to lead UNCG going forward.”

As for the timing? “I would guess in mid to late spring we’d anticipate making a decision.”